The people you annoy might come back to haunt you.

When Ronny, a secluded music producer is asked by the manager of Storm ā€“ a snarky, mouthy musician ā€“ to explain the mastering process, the clash of their personalities turns the entire project into a bad idea.

But after Ronny throws Storm out of his studio, he’s unprepared for the retaliation which follows.

The space between life and death is more textured than you know.

Michael Sullivan is a farmer used to a hard life. But everything changes for him when he gets a new job as the night watchman at the local graveyard.

If you can’t find the right words to say, you find the friends who’ll help you say them.

After a disastrous coming out to his mum and dad, Freddie runs away. The next day he goes to a LGBT youth group to find help to sort things out. Luckily, he runs into two people who have a great deal of experience with problematic coming outs: Jack, the protagonist of Jack’s Diary; and Malachi, the hero of The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Malachi the Queer.

Every day you spend with those you love is magic, be careful to recognise it before the magic runs out

Is Michael a kid who’s running wild and skipping school, or just a nice young lad spending time looking after his mother? His aunt has one idea about it, and he, another.

But when she takes him to see the final Harry Potter film during school hours, the trouble only begins to start.

What can you endure to win the job you really want?

Iā€™m told, in business, the most important decisions are often made over dinner. This one holds the possibility of changing my life forever, or, perhaps, ending it altogether.

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Sometimes love needs no words.

A relationship begins at a hedonistic coffee shop.