Rejecting the offer of a highly-paid job at the merchant bank he’s contracting at, Hayden Hardcastle spends one last night with his soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, then sets off on his new life to be a creative writing student.

But at a college with a huge amount of young gay guys to distract him, Hayden wonders where he’ll find the time to study anything but the sexy male form.

It’s time for the first block party. Food and booze is about, and Hayden discovers a competitive game being played by the straight boys: Gay Chicken, which he soon comes to believe might be the greatest spectator sport of all time. But when the small group of guys who are calling themselves experts offer an open challenge, Hayden gets his wallet out and places a bet on someone he believes will be a serious contender.

It’s Freshers’ Fair time, and Hayden must decide which societies to enter, and which guys!

An Indian Summer has wrapped up with what is estimated will be the last hot weekend of the year. Where better to be that the beach, with swimming, music, food, booze and sexy guys in swimwear?

He came in a preacher and exited a homosexual.

When restaurant owner, David, finally lost it with one of his chefs, giving the poor lad a very personal introduction to a crate of crustaceans, his therapist ordered him to take a year off from the business. 

Having never spent much time at home, he never realised he’d be subjected to house calls from religious types. When Sebastian, a young Jehovah’s Witness, calls round, he doesn’t seem to be able to take his eyes off the man. David is more than willing to give him a little thrill.  

But hours later, the young man comes back, awoken from his self-inflicted oppression and keen to find out more. Not one for any kind of formal relationship anyway, David thinks it’s only right to give the boy some gay basic training before sending him on his way, but soon begins to wonder: if you let a Jehovah’s Witness in the door, is there any way of getting rid of them?

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