Hey there! I’m Damian, an Anglo-Irish writer living in the UK. I write literary fiction which you can check out on this site.

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What madness drove you to be a writer?

A long long time ago in a Fortune 500 far away, while on break between contracts, I decided to write a novel.

A year or so later, I realised that writing was what I wanted to do with my life. So I quit my job and went to study English Literature and Creative writing at Ruskin College, Oxford.

I write to the more literary side of the spectrum with gay-themed coming of age novels. And I’m currently releasing a serial M/M Erotica series.

Fostering empathy has always been one of my goals in writing. It’s in my literary work where I’m best able to achieve this, alongside telling a damn good story.

I also write speculative fiction under the pseudonym, ZZ Adams, with my writing partner, Andrew J Savage. You can check out ow work on the ZZ Adams website.

Now I can mostly be found in the INKubator Discord writing community. If you’re an aspiring writer yourself, I thoroughly recommend you giving us a try.